Support Packages

Support packages

We like to keep our support packages simple, straightforward and cost effective for you.

We are not interested in long term (3-5 year+) complicated support packages which don’t evolve and change with your business. Our longest term support commitments are 12 months, with a one (1) month break notice period.

We don’t feel the need to tie you in for long periods. We do like you to know we are committed to your business and will be there for you. We have faith that the exemplary levels of service you will receive from us will make you want to stay with us.

We cover 3 mains areas of managed support. Desktop, Server nd Network. These are managed service offerings (see below & pricing) but we do have a PAYG / Ad-hoc service. Lets not also forget our ‘No fix – No Fee’ service for those emergencies, should they occur.