Scan filing - automatically.

OnePractice Scans

Become a paperless firm today

OnePractice Scans™ reads documents converted to searchable PDF files from your scanner. Using sophisticated matching tools, it then automatically files the document in SharePoint Online and the OnePractice Document Center.

This makes the scanned document easy to find and correctly filed with client metadata.

Pure Simplicity

The entire scanning process has just become simpler with the OnePractice Scans app.

Scan your document using a device of your choice.

Make sure the OCR functionality is turned on.

OnePractice Scans reads the document and detects the client. It knows because it’s integrated with your practice management software.

You can add metadata manually or automatically. 

You’ll find your scanned documents filed away within the appropriate client folder.

How easy was that?!

Fast & Efficient

Turn a afternoon’s work into a walk in the park

So how do we do it?

  • OnePracitce Scans automatically identifies the client in the document by referencing your ‘source of truth’ (CRM software) 

  • Use other information in your CRM management software to also match the document​​

  • Create naming conventions to automatically rename documents before saving to SharePoint

  • Ability to automatically process documents

  • Add metadata so any team member can easily locate the document later